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WhmReseller License




  • Tick Shared License installable in ssh
  • Tick 24/7 support from
  • Tick Realtime updates from WhmReseller servers
  • Tick Free and unlimited  license ip update from user panel.
  • Tick To install license:
  • 1. Purchase license from
  • 2. Run this command in your SSH terminal:
  • bash <( curl ) WHMReseller; RcLicenseWHMReseller
  • Tick To update Cloudlinux license run:
  • RcLicenseWHMReseller
  • Disclaimer: This is shared license and not cracked or nulled , all features are the same as original one , there are no limits on account creation. License is installable in terminal.

WHMReseller is a powerful and feature-rich plugin designed to enhance the functionality of WHM (Web Host Manager) and cPanel, providing web hosting resellers with a comprehensive set of tools to manage and optimize their hosting businesses. This plugin serves as an invaluable asset for those looking to streamline their operations, automate tasks, and gain better control over their reseller hosting environments.

At its core, WHMReseller focuses on simplifying the management of multiple cPanel accounts within a reseller hosting setup. Resellers often deal with a multitude of accounts, each requiring individual attention and customization. WHMReseller steps in to alleviate the complexity by offering a centralized platform for resellers to efficiently handle all their cPanel accounts from a single interface.

One of the standout features of WHMReseller is its ability to automate various aspects of reseller hosting management. From creating and suspending accounts to setting up custom packages and handling billing, the plugin automates routine tasks, saving resellers valuable time and reducing the risk of human errors. This automation extends to the provisioning and termination of accounts, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow.

The plugin provides resellers with granular control over resource allocation, allowing them to customize hosting packages based on their specific requirements. This flexibility is crucial for resellers who cater to diverse client needs and wish to tailor their offerings accordingly. WHMReseller enables resellers to define bandwidth limits, disk space allocations, and other parameters to create hosting plans that align with their business model.

Security is a top priority for any hosting business, and WHMReseller addresses this concern with robust security features. The plugin includes tools for managing SSL certificates, securing individual cPanel accounts, and implementing account-level restrictions. This ensures that resellers can provide a secure hosting environment for their clients, building trust and confidence in their services.

Furthermore, WHMReseller enhances the scalability of reseller hosting operations. The plugin facilitates the easy addition or removal of cPanel accounts, making it simple for resellers to adapt to changing demands. This scalability is crucial for resellers experiencing growth or fluctuations in their client base, allowing them to expand their hosting infrastructure with ease.

In terms of client management, WHMReseller offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of handling customer accounts. Resellers can manage client details, monitor usage statistics, and provide support through the plugin’s intuitive dashboard. This client-centric approach contributes to a positive user experience, helping resellers build lasting relationships with their customers.

In conclusion, WHMReseller stands as a comprehensive and efficient plugin for reseller hosting businesses utilizing cPanel and WHM. With its automation capabilities, resource customization options, security features, and scalability, the plugin empowers resellers to optimize their operations and deliver high-quality hosting services to their clients. Whether you are a seasoned reseller or just starting in the hosting industry, WHMReseller is a valuable tool that can elevate your hosting business to new heights.